Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Moments in NIMBYism: Red Hook hates on the Real World

An article in amNY highlights the admirable NIMBYism of the resilient residents of Red Hook - they're treating the Real World cast and crew like shit!

This falls out of the jurisdiction of CHARTS and CHEATS, which pertain only to television shoots in HilBloeCoc. But we all should be proud of our Hook neighbors for giving the RW'ers some good old fashioned Brooklyn love.

IMHO: Even though I have no sympathy for anyone ever, I would encourage people to continue harassing the cast, but give the crew a break - it's just their job, and they probably hate the cast more than we do!


oldballs said...

what's the real world? i'm confused

Anonymous said...

oh oldballs!

Anonymous said...

wake up folks this is the Real world NYC. If you don't think so move to New Jersey and see how u like that.