Monday, August 25, 2008

OMFG! 'Gossip Girl' Sluts it Up in CG

What's this I hear about Gossip Girl filming in our neighborhood?

After founding CHARTS - Concerned Hilbloecockers Against Reality Tv Shows - to protect the neighborhood from 'The Real World' (which we did), I now realize the problem is much larger than I had anticipated. Certainly we shouldn't single out the reality tv genre, we should hate on ALL TV!

That being said, I will continue CHARTS, but have made it a subsidiary of a new umbrella group: CHEATS - Concerned Hilbloecockers Enraged About Tv Shoots.

We cannot allow these girls, with their outrageous headbands, to clutter up our serene sidewalks!

We've let our neighborhood slip through our fingers long enough. It's now time to tighten our grip! Join CHEATS today!


Anonymous said...

what the f is this teenage horniness? this should be a crime

oldballs said...

yet another case of what we do NOT need, folks. let me tell ya something- this is MY neighborhood. i know who's WHO.

not welcome here!