Monday, July 7, 2008

At War with the Yogurts

Perhaps you've noticed I hate hipsters? Unfortunately, I feel I haven't quite expressed my hatred well enough.

The blog Jeremiah's Vanishing New York coins a whole new term, “yunnies”, to refer to young urban narcissists – those who ruin our neighborhoods with money and demands of convenience.

I admire this new term, as it adds a greater nuance to the overused 'hipster' term that has come to refer to anyone from post-college trust funders to 40-something stroller-pushing latte sippers. But I feel that “yunnies” doesn't go far enough, so I've come up with my own term: YOGURTs.

Yogurt (yō'gərt) n. acronym for Young Obnoxious Gentrifying Urban Rhetorical Terrorists: Yogurts are destroying the majesty of HilBloeCoc and the charming, gritty character of once-blue collar Williamsburg.

Fight the yogurts, take back our borough.


oldballs said...

don't even get me started on those girl jeans. disgusting.

and another thing- that american apparel place is a joke! why do hipsters pay so much for a freakin t shirt? in my day, undershirts came in white in packs of 5...

kane said...

Great!-- Y-O-G-U-R-T-S. No wonder why these Y-O-G-U-R-T-S love FroYos.

Anonymous said...

Red Hook has been victimized by an invasion by The Dorothies.

These are the newly minted white minority hailing from Midwestern and New England home towns. (It’s reflected in the out of state plates on their moms’ hand me down Volvos.)

A racial divide has long existed in Red Hook between the people of color in The Houses and the white landlords in The Back.

Racism and classism are rarely acknowledged verbally, in public, in Brooklyn. Dismissive language is generally reserved for private audiences. Dismissive looks and stares are for public consumption.

As a result of the underlying class/race issues native tri-staters have not flocked to Red Hook. Maybe The Dorothies perceive New York as a melting pot. In actuality they are a highly visible minority that is often viewed with animosity. Like drops of oil floating atop a large bowl of water.

Ignorant of their need to demonstrate a common plight with the majority of Red Hook’s residents they seem to only highlight the divide. They talk on their cell phones on the bus about their important jobs, their vacations and the last amazing art show that they saw. They exit their style conscious shops and eateries seemingly without a care in the world.

They are viewed as another example of whites taking whatever they want. They are severely scrutinized yet appear to be oblivious to this.

The divide of affluence in Red Hook continues to grow. Where will it lead?

Manners Maven said...

I love it. You'd like my recent post on Seattle hipsters, I mean yogurts.