Friday, July 25, 2008

Seperate Lines for Hipsters at Red Hook Ballfields?

I'm excited as everyone else that the Red Hook Vendors are finally back and serving up their tasty treats - but it's become apparent that the influx of hipsters and yogurts has led to a drastic decline in the quality of this unique dining experience!

What used to be a short wait has become hours of standing behind hipsters blathering on about whatever hipsters talk about. I don't speak their language, so all I hear is "blah blah vegan... blah blah McCarren Park... blah blah let's move into this neighborhood and ruin its character".

IMHO: All I want is a huarache dammit! There should be a line for us regular folk, and another for yogurts!


annulla said...

I haven't been to the ballfields yet this summer, but I'm planning to go tomorrow. Those damn hipsters better get outta the way ... I need my papusas!

Blather From Brooklyn

loose stool said...

You use to be able to urinate anywhere in that park. Now you have to be careful some asshole doesn't photo you and post it on Brooklynian with a thread about cleaning up after your homie.