Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Brooklyn's Best Pizza

I've gone to painstaking lengths to sample all the pizza our borough has to offer. After much careful deliberation, I've decided that the best pizza in Brooklyn is (drum roll please):

Their Brooklyn-style pizza has been much maligned by locals, but it's damn tasty! Forget Lucali's, The BRKLYN is hands-down the best pizza in the entire borough, and perhaps even the city. With a name like The BRKLYN, would you expect any less?

A perfectly thin crust, foldable slices, just a little cheese and a whole lotta pepperoni make this pizza a stand-out from the bland and boring local choices we are usually subjected to.


Yes, I know, Domino's isn't native to Carroll Gardens. This is something I've wrestled with. In fact, I had quite a bias against the fast-food chain as I began my survey of Brooklyn pizza. But despite my resistance, it won me over.

IMHO: These other pizza joints in the neighborhood could learn a thing or two about quality pizza-making from the guys at Domino's. Not only do they make a superior product, Domino's brought the issue of Noid avoidance to the forefront of public discussion in the 80s. Because of Domino's vigilant evasion programs, we now live in a Noid-free society.


Anonymous said...

but it DOES deliver to CG. And its something that takes me back to being a kid, ordering pizza when mom was too tired or mad to cook. Lucali's doesn't deliver AND is much too posh to remind me of anything from childhood. You know, back when everything was better.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Have you tried Il Colisseo on 18th Avenue and 77th? That pizza is really good. No delivery, however. Cafe Europa on 65th Street is also amazing pizza. I realize the whole point of your post was to highlight Domino's, but they are both worth a trip out to Bensonhurst.

oldballs said...

i'd rather have Domino's than fancy organic $20 pizza, thank you very much. Real Brooklyn pizza should have some GREASE, don't ya know. Leave that vegan shit for the yuppies.

mod squad said...

did you try that rip off place Grimaldi's at the Fulton Landing in Dumbo? Assholes stand for hours in a line out front to sit for 30 minutes and get rushed out It actually used to be run by the Grimaldis, not it's a bunch of White Russians. They don't sell slices however, if that's your criteria.I mean it's not bad, but to wait an hour or more!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. You want the old Brooklyn, yet you think some chain has the best pie... How about Vinnie's or if you like grease V&R.

clearly this entire blog is a wind up.

kane said...

To the commenters, I believe NIMBY was being satirical when picking Domino's as the best pizza.

And here's my satirical reply.

Domino's?. C'mon. Was Papa John's even considered? or more like Paparkslope John's?