Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Blog Alert: Fuck You Yuppies!

Blogs are taking over the world! Especially here in Carroll Gardens, where everybody seems to have a blog either in support of neighborhood preservation (yay!) or defense of hipsters, yuppies, yunnies, and yogurts (boo!).

But now, as reported by New York Magazine, someone in the nabe has started an outdoor blog - the first of its kind! It takes a decidedly anti-yuppie slant, as you can see from its first post (above).

Its creator has opted for a stripped-down, no-frills platform, but I wish the layout was more appealing. Also, there's no comments section, but I imagine the site will become more user-friendly over time.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Your funniest and most incisive post yet!

oldballs said...

let me tell ya somethin... i agree with this muthafuckin sentiment. i usually hate graffiti, but you do what you gotta do to get the message out. we gotta let these hipsters know that this neighborhood belongs to US. we were here first, and we will still be here after they've moved on to the next "hip" place. i'm thinking of putting out some kind of banner at the oldballs residence... i'll keep you updated folks.