Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trader Joe's to kill planet, neighborhood

While many of you hipsters are actually excited to see this beautiful architecture defiled by the purveyor of bourgeois bullshit, Trader Joe's, some of us are dreading its arrival. Soon, scores of yuppie-duppies with their strollers in tow will flock to our beautiful neighborhood to buy silly cheeses and freaky fishes.

But, do you silly hipsters realize they stock the threatened orange roughy fish?

According to wikipedia:
In recent years, the consumption of orange roughy has risen drastically due to increased supply through previously impossible deep-sea trawling techniques. Its recovery rate from fishing is slow because of its life cycle and sporadic reproduction making the fish incredibly prone to overfishing. It is the first commercially sought fish to be added to Australia's list of endangered species because of overfishing. According to Seafood Watch, orange roughy is currently on the list of fish that American consumers who are health and sustainability minded should avoid.
Seems TJ's isn't so hip after all!

Also, their employee training video is of shockingly low production value:

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