Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hooters to open on Court Street

Carroll Gardens is about to get its jiggle on! Hooters, the boob-a-licious restaurant chain, is slated to move into the old Blockbuster space on Court Street this winter.

A spokesperson for the company, who asked to remain anonymous because she is embarrassed by her employer, said that "hipsters in HilBloeCoc are horny, and will insist they dine at Hooters only for the irony. But secretly, they love big tits and chicken wings just as much as rednecks do."

IMHO: While the women of Carroll Gardens are generally quite flat-chested, I worry that an influx of big-breatsed Hooters Girls will attract the wrong type of character to our quaint brownstone community.

Let's start a petition to keep Carroll Gardens from becoming one big bachelor party!


Anonymous said...

are they accepting applications yet?

oldballs said...

hooters... now that's what i'm talking about! best news i've heard all day, folks.

loose stool said...

What happened to Hot Topic? I wanted to get a cock ring for Halloween.