Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Newcomers Buying Out Long-Time Brooklyn Residents

For those of you who still give a damn about preserving the old-school character of the neighborhood, you may be dismayed to learn that Loretta Castorini (pictured left) has sold her family's brownstone for $3.5 million.

The Castorinis have been highly visible since the release of a 1987 documentary that followed Loretta's search for love after the loss of her husband.

More recently, a documentary camera crew filming the sale of the house captured raw emotion as Loretta first learned she couldn't sell the family home for her original asking price of $5 million:

And apparently Loretta's already experiencing seller's remorse. Here is a candid moment where she reflects on her feelings of regret:

IMHO: It's so sad to see the old-timers move out of the neighborhood. Damn yogurts, buying up our history - and buying out our heritage!


Anonymous said...

I've heard she's found someone to take away the heartache - and the brownstone!

oldballs said...

cher... now that's what i'm talking bout! a real broad, am i right guys? they certainly don't make em like they used to, folks.