Friday, August 8, 2008

Rug-rat infestation at Carroll Park

Okay, so I just read this on the HilBloeCoc Parents group and found it outrageous! Apparently, children are being let loose in Carroll Park:

This morning around 10:15, I was taking my son into the little side at Carroll Park and when I opened the gate a little boy wearing a red Plymouth Summer Camp t-shirt ran out. I stopped him and asked where him “Where is your grown-up? Where is your mommy? Where is you babysitter?” He just shrugged and giggled and ran away. I went around to every person in the little side asking if they were with the boy, and nobody knew him.

Then I walked around asking each of the people in the sprinkler area, nobody there knew him either. He ran into the big side and laid down on the bridge without making contact with an adult. I went around that side as well and still nobody knew him. I finally went to get Kathleen [the park caretaker], and she did the same thing– she went around asking everyone and talking to the boy but not getting answers about his name or his caregiver’s name. She headed toward the middle monument area with him and FINALLY a babysitter appeared. I am not exaggerating that 20 minutes had passed since the boy ran out of the gate. I have no idea how long he had been inside the little play area before I got there.

IMHO: It's bad enough these rugrats scurry around like actual rats through the neighborhood - now they're being let off their leashes?

Keep your kids kenneled. Or, move out to the 'burbs where they can actually enjoy the outdoors without a nanny watching to make sure they're not abducted, hit by a car, or annoy bloggers!


Anonymous said...

How DARE you!

mod squad said...

you know when I was a baby, I'd stay home and eat marbles. I'm only missing one.

oldballs said...

it's bad enough that these hipsters keep reproducing. maybe if they weren't so busy shopping and boozing they might have time to actually watch their kids. children are NOT an accessory, despite what the celebrities are doing. you heard it here first, folks.