Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IKEA = bad IDEA ?

The Brooklyn Paper reports a sharp increase in petty crime in the area surrounding the big blue box we've all come to know as IKEA. It seems those flaxen-haired, scandalous Scandinavians have built a mecca for NYC purse-snatchers:

Between Aug. 8 and 17, “about eight” shoppers and employees reported that their personal items were stolen in the big box store on Beard Street, according to police from the 76th precinct.

The sheer number of disappeared purses and deft swiping of wallets surprised local cops, but they said conditions in the store are perfect for these types of crimes.

“It’s a big store and it attracts a lot of people,” said Deputy Inspector Michael Kemper, commanding officer of the 76th police precinct covering Red Hook, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. “On the weekends, it’s packed and in crowded atmospheres, people sometimes prey upon the innocent.”

Yet another example of a quaint Brooklyn neighborhood infiltrated by outsiders - and ruined!


loose stool said...

to bad they can't "make" that bitch stealing that queen's purse.

PS I like the way IKEA rhymes with IDEA

Anonymous said...

Ever been in the projects, dumbass?
It's like the post one of my fave bloggers Blognigger wrote ... Red Hoock gangs lining up to mug Ikea shoppers!
You've got to be kidding me?

oldballs said...

let me tell you somethin, folks. FIRST we have to deal with hipsters, now we have to deal with these EURO jerks?!! What's it gonna be next? Everyone knows only hipsters ship at IKEA anyhow, so serves them right for getting robbed. It's not like they can't afford it anyways, what with all their trust funds and whatnot.