Sunday, June 22, 2008

340 Court - Shocking Blue!

What's with this big blue wall dividing the sidewalks along Court? It obviously has to do with renovations to 340 Court Street, but is all this necessary? And why blue?

IMHO: This neighborhood is comprised of reds and browns, and this big BLUE wall has been erected with a shocking lack of respect for the aesthetic sensibilities of Carroll Gardeners! Couldn't they have at least painted a faux-brick facade? Perhaps a mural of a Tuscan village? It's shocking colors like these that are transforming our beautiful historic neighborhood into some depraved hipster color carnival!

And for the record, I am opposed to this new building. I will NOT live there, and will spit on those who do.

Why couldn't they leave the old building alone?

Our heritage is crumbling into the landfill of NYC history.

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