Monday, June 23, 2008

Hipsters Mock Carroll Gardens Gentrification

Looky what we have here. HIPSTERS! And in true hipster form, they hold nothing sacred - including the eroding quality of life in Carroll Gardens!

You may not have identified these boys as hipsters immediately. Be aware that not every hipster dresses in the same way. I almost pine for the simpler days when you could tell a hipster from his narrow pant leg and asymmetrical haircut. Nowadays, hipsters have spread their dubious mentality to more casual young adults - but make no mistake, they are still just as dangerous. Perhaps even more dangerous now that they're not so easily identified.

Whereas 50s greasers had switchblades, today's hipsters are armed with irony. Sharp tongues are their weapon of choice, and they will use "wit", "humor" and "sarcasm" to convince the weak that they are powerful.

IMHO: This video is solid evidence that our neighborhood is under seige by these irreverant yucksters. We hard-core Carroll Gardens traditionalists must fight back with anti-irony: sincerity. It's hipster Kryptonite!


Katia said...

Hey, guys,
This is actually very funny stuff.
I truly enjoyed it!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

BKLYN=FUTR said...

Maybe you guys have seen this?

god below said...

wow, this blog is really awful. there's nothing sarcastic or ironic about that. just the honest truth.

broadwayfrk3 said...

that was disgusting. i am a teenager and i have lived in carroll gardens my entire life. when i was younger i knew everyone in the neighbourhood. There were none of these stupid people who knew nothing about my neighbourhood. They make me SO mad.

they are so rude too they act like they know whats its like to be brooklynites when the have only been here for 9 months.

oh and i love how when they go in the starbucks they go "everyones so different" in the pics EVERYONE IS WHITE! except for the people at the counter. thats messed up.

and when they say that thing bout all the discount stores.. what about the ones that have been here forever. like clinton apothercary and winns that have been here FOREVER! grrrr