Monday, July 14, 2008

Join the Carroll Gardens Anti-Reality TV Coalition

A report on Brownstoner suggests the threat of The Real World: Carroll Gardens still looms over our precious neighborhood.

An intern from Hunter College who is working for MTV provided an interesting statement that The Real World may not even film [in downtown Brooklyn] because they were having some issues with the BellTel Lofts building with the location at 116 Third Place in Carroll Gardens as the backup.

As a response, I'm forming a neighborhood alliance called CHARTS - Concerned Hilbloecockers Against Reality Tv Shows - to combat the threat of The Real World or any other reality television program from co-opting our brownstone paradise. Alex McCord, you are officially on notice!

IMHO: It's bad enough that these putrid reality tv shows invade my home via the TV - now the reality shows are invading MY backyard!


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest blog around. i wish you guys posted more.

oldballs said...

i heard these scumbags have set up shop in red hook. too close for comfort if you ask me. just what we fuckin need...